May 19 2017
@ 2:37 pm

It is unfortunate that Golden State’s coach, Steve Kerr has had so much difficulty with a back injury procedure that is typically performed without complications.  In our law practice, each year we see clients with chronic neck and spine injuries from auto accidents and “slip and fall” accidents. For many of them, the procedure discussed in this WSJ article has been remarkably successful. Discectomies and micro-discectomies are performed hundreds, if not thousands, of times every day across the country.  A small percentage of patients experience known complications, of which dural tears like the one Mr. Kerr is experiencing is one, but is unusual for these tears to cause permanent problems.  It appears that Kerr was simply unlucky, but hopefully he will be able to make it back on the bench to guide his team through the playoffs.

If you are injured in an accident, and suffer back and neck problems, be sure to see a doctor immediately and take all necessary precautions to prevent longterm damage.  If you need assistance dealing with a resulting insurance claim, please call any time for a no-fee consult:  800-969-1650.


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