Case Process

Our experience is that most people walk into one of our offices feeling wronged and uncertain. Their lives have been seriously disrupted. They are confused about the specifics of the law, uneasy about the legal process, and worried about their options. We understand that. When someone who has been injured calls Burnett & Williams, our first job is to listen to the unique facts of the case. With a handle on the facts, we can explain how the law works and what paths are available to get a satisfactory resolution.

That has always been our approach. We help people through their unexpected difficulties, first by listening and then by carefully applying the law to the specific circumstances of each case. Decades of experience coupled with persuasive advocacy reduce worries for our clients and help them get the compensation they deserve, so they can move on with their lives. It is never a simple process, but we take pride in carefully removing obstacles and making the system work the way it should, every step of the way.